After twelve glorious years in the great big apple, Zoe Schack recently made the move from her beloved Brooklyn to check out warmer and dryer pastures in the golden state of California. Schack's combined love for storytelling and learning first came into sharp focus while attending Rhode Island School of Design for film, animation, and television, further developing through her junior-year transfer to New York University's Tisch School. For her first post-collegiate job, she worked for a friend who promised a payed job as compensation thus introducing her the world of pre-visualization through Charlex's daughter division, Launch, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

After two years of working with top ad agencies like BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, and JWT, Zoe shifted coasts for a three month stay in Portland, Oregon where she worked on a cycling documentary. Through the director, she was introduced to the Bicycle Film Festival, which sparked her love of cycling. She produced the festival in Portland for two consecutive years, created their 10 year anniversary DVD and has remained a friend of the festival.

After a three-month internship with cinéma vérité living legend Albert Maysles's production company, she found what would be her longest and most fruitful position to date: she began freelancing for boutique pre-visualization house Edit One, becoming one of two editors on staff in 2008. During off hours in 2012, Zoe worked on DOSA HUNT, a short film following seven indie-world musicians on the quest for the perfect dosa (south-Indian crepe). The film debuted with three sold-out screenings at Brooklyn's Nitehawk Theater and was the beneficiary of being in many festivals and yes, there was press too.

I love being a connector, producer, editor, director, nature lover, documenter, photographer, biker, healthy food and beverage appreciator, scientific inquisitor, art book collector, motivator, enthusiast, and visual realist.

During working hours, I spent the past six years as one of two editors in a small boutique company working with creatives from major advertising agencies to realize their commercial vision. During off hours, I have worked on short documentary projects: DOSA HUNT of which will be in the Smithsonian for a five year traveling exhibit, projects such as the Bicycle Film Festival, Interning for the Maysels, who inspired me to make a personal living story of my grandfather. I want to tell stories that need to be heard and bring out ideas that will help move technology, society, culture forward in a positive way. 

I had been really influenced by my parents social action 

Places Traveled: Portugal, China, Prague, Germany, Hungary, France, Englahd, Israel, 


Soon to travel: India


Next on the list: Japan



iphone photography, projects, 

connecting people that can help each other 

or being the person to help if possible

knowing how to delegate

but also getting things done on my own

this is so hard to write about myself.

i hate it but know I need to do it

if I'm going to get good at it.